Innovative thermoformed Packaging

Dispak Group offers thermoformed packaging solutions with a thorough and unrivalled service.
With our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility based in Johannesburg, we pride ourselves on our competitiveness, manufacturing principles and the investment made in putting together one of the most experienced teams in the thermoforming industry.
Should you already have a design in mind we can interpret your requirements and complement your ideas with our knowledge and experience, ensuring your concept will be turned into a finished pack that will enhance your product.

Discover packaging for your market

Mobile and Banking
Starter Packs

Dispak range of starter packs are ideal for sim card, Bank cards, Insurance and loyalty card packaging.

Security Blister Packs

Our range of welded blister packs are great for heavy products, the pack consists of 2 parts which are rf welded together.

Face Seal Blister Packs

Face seal blister packs, also known as heat seal packs are ideal for low cost, light weight products.

Clamshell Blister Packs

Most versatile type of thermoformed packaging that we manufacture.

Box Inserts &
Cosmetic Vacform

Box inserts- Boxed set trays really show products off to great effect and are ideal for presentation purposes.

Edge Fold Blister Packs

Slide-on blisters or folded flange blisters as they are sometimes known, are highly versatile blister packs with folded edges that make segregating the end user’s waste packaging really simple.

Our Services

services include

Design and Innovation

Close integration between sales, design and toolmakers allows us to develop the ultimate pack design

Printing Services

We have extensive knowledge of the specialized printing processes for package print!

Contract Product Packing

Our in-house team and packing line can provide product packing services that are efficient, effective and reliable.

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