Since launching Dispak in 2007, with just five employees and eight HFH semi-automatic high frequency heating machines, bought on auction from a now obsolete competitor, the family now produces a wide range of high quality blister packaging solutions with a 30 strong factory team, including three machine operators and two supervisors.

‘We bought the HFH machines and soon started producing products for Shave & Gibson and Sanji Security, among many more top South African customers,’ explains Ashir. ‘Over the next two years we really concentrated on building our customer relationships and developing top quality brands.’

Based in Amalgam, Gauteng, in a 1 600m2 factory, Dispak currently specialises in the manufacture of clear PVC blister packaging / thermo-forming and contract packing for the retail, wholesale and consumer market. It’s expanding its operation to include PET, food grade PVC and PET packaging and high impact packaging for volume markets such as bakeries and fast food outlets.

‘Our HFH machines are still producing up to 3 000 blister packs daily and larger volume orders are manufactured from aluminium moulds on our in-line, fully automatic Illig machine,’ continues Ashir. ‘We also have four HFH machines to complete cutting and trimming before final Quality Control and dispatch.’

Just over a year ago The company also secured a high-value contract with Virgin Mobile producing starter packs as well as providing a complete packaging solution from blisters to printed cards and finally RF Welding the packs in a secure, designated area within the factory.

When asked about the company’s strength’s both Ashir and Simon Molefe, sales manager at Dispak, answer in unison, ‘It’s our quality!’ Ashir expands on this, ‘we make sure that all raw materials used are selected to produce high clarity, strong blister packaging that’s absolutely “fit for purpose” every time.’ 

Another attribute, according to Simon, is Dispak’s ‘hands on’ management style and personal service. ‘Every step of the production process is checked by management, with no room for error,’ Simon elaborates. ‘We can run tailor-made orders, including PVC thermoforming in various colours, and we can keep some stock lines for larger volume customers.

Dispak Extends its Repertoire
Our production Team
Three years ago, having already established a successful jewellery packaging and window display business, Surie Patel took a leap in to the world of PVC blister packaging. Since then, the venture has grown in to a flourishing enterprise, now operated and managed by his two sons, Ashir and Shainal Patel.
We really work hard at building good partnerships and customers are visited regularly or contacted to discuss service levels, product quality and new developments.’

The subject of price is always a priority when discussing projects with customers. We’re very realistic about pricing,’ says Ashir. ‘It’s important to customers and we ensure that we’re competitive.’

Dispak’s focus on the future growth of the company is firmly set on food packaging solutions and maintaining its high product and service standards.

‘Our future plans include extruding our own raw materials, which will give us more control and improve our costs,’ continues Ashir. ‘We’re also looking to purchase more thermoformers to increase capacity and efficiency.’

Producing versatile, quality packaging solutions is Dispak’s trademark and if the future unfolds as planned expansion may soon have to include new factory space too!