Dispak Products

Clamshell Blister

Clamshells are designed to give you maximum versatility without having to commit to high tooling costs.
Simply assemble the clamshell pack, product and insert card to create the finished pack. Clamshells give the option to have the client pack his own products or our in-house contract packing facility can do this for you at a very competitive cost.


  Improved Appearance

A Eco-Blister blister pack consists of 2 die cut cards that are heat sealed together, encapsulating the flanges of the blister without contamination. This can be important for satisfying environmental requirements.

This style of blister also provides an improved appearance over traditional heat seal packaging because the flanges of the blister are hidden. It also allows a blister to protrude from both sides of the pack, so that the weight of a product is evenly distributed, allowing it to hang straighter in store.

Heat Sealed Blister

The face seal blister card provides a custom thermoformed plastic coating for your product that is then heat sealed to paper board. This type of packaging can be used for all types of products ranging from toys to office supplies. They are among the most common types of thermoformed packaging, with the paperboard helping to provide a more environmentally sound option.

Beaded Blister Packs:

Easy to Pack & Economical

Beaded blisters are versatile and the client has the option once again to package his own product. The blister is formed to fit your product and the flanges are heated up to fold over at the edge, hence folding the flanges lets you pack your product and simply slide your printed card through the flanges into the blister.

Welded blister packs

The two blister halves are usually joined by high frequency welding machines. High frequency welding is a method of welding 2 thermoplastic parts, in which the surfaces to be joined are heated by contact with electrodes of a high frequency electrical generator. The resulting joint can only be broken with a knife or scissors. Hence, HF welded blister packs are perfect for heavy products and items attractive to shoplifters.