Design and Innovation

Design, Prototyping and tool design
Our in-house design team is at the forefront of design innovation and uses the latest 3D modeling software to keep us and our customers at the top of packaging design. Our designers aim for results that not only look good to the end user but also create intelligent and efficient solutions to enable faster packaging and heat, reduced pack weight and cost.
Close integration between sales, design and toolmakers allows us to develop the ultimate pack design. Therefore providing rapid turnaround times for production quality prototype and samples for pre-production transit trials. Whilst meeting your technical requirements we also go a step further, looking at how new designs, materials and processes can help you to achieve even better results.

Print Service

Completing the pack
We have extensive knowledge of the specialized printing processes for package print!
Whilst working closely with our suppliers whose like minded approach is geared to satisfying customers, the quality of our design work is reflected in the quality of the print we supply so we only select the most trusted companies to work with.
Because of the bulk nature of the business volumes we place with our printers, we benefit from excellent pricing that enables us to pass savings on to our customers, They also appreciate where a job is urgent and will go the extra mile to satisfy our customer too.

Contract Product Packing

Our in-house team and packing line can provide product packing services that are efficient, effective and reliable.
With over 200 employees in our contract packing division, dispak group are well equiped to package just about anything from DIY tools, Lock and handle sets to security packaging.